Driving Lessons WA   

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Driving Lessons WA is a small home based business located in Byford, Western Australia.

Lessons take place in the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale and The City Of Armadale.

The Practical Driving Assessment

The closest Metropolitan Test centres are Kelmscott, Cannington, Rockingham, and Success.

Regional Test centres - Pinjarrah or Waroona

Kelmscott Test Centre is located in The City of Armadale and is highly recommended as a place to sit your PDA (Practical Driving Assessment).

Your PDA can be booked using the online system available through the Department of Transport website https://www.transport.wa.gov.au

Alternatively you can call or attend a test centre in person to book your PDA.

Booking a PDA is not so straight forward. Most times you will find there are no bookings available, or the location or time is not suitable. Consider the number of people logged onto the system refreshing the booking page waiting for a booking to become available. When the bookings do become available they are taken super fast, e.g. within seconds and minutes. 

I recommend logging into the system during office hours and refreshing the booking page often to greatly improve your chance of getting a booking. 

To be continued.......

Where do we start the lessons?

For your lesson we can arrange to meet at your home, work, school, a test centre, or a prearranged location.

Last minute PDA bookings

If at the last minute you find yourself without a car and an instructor and you have a test booked already. I can more often than not help you out.

If you are outside our service area and have a test booked at one of the Kelmscott, Cannington or Success test centres we can arrange to meet at the test centre or local train or bus station to begin your lesson prior to your test.

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